• Make your Mt. Kinabalu journey a success. Here are some and guide-lines :

    News Update!!

    FYI, we just got an information from SSL that Laban Rata will be no longer provide boiled water to drink/refill to all guest .

    Coffee&Tea ☕ : Only provided during Breakfast & Supper.

    Price List of drinks Selling at Laban Rata

    Mineral Water
    – 500ml = RM 7
    – 1.5l = RM 14

    Hot Drinks
    – Nescafe : RM 11
    – Coffee : RM 12
    – Milo : RM 13
    – Sabah Tea : RM 13
    – Horlick : RM 13
    – Lemon Tea : RM 13
    – Chocolate : RM 13

    Soft Drinks @ RM 11
    – 100 Plus
    – Cola
    – Soy Bean
    – F&N Strawberry/Orange

    Towel & Slipper

    Laban Rata : Provides to all of their guests.

    Pendant Hut : Only provide slipper to their guest, but towel is not included. However available to buy @ RM16/each.

    Note : Pendant Hut still provide hot water to drink for their guest.

    1. Mental and Physical Preparation

    Face it, taking on the Mt. Kinabalu 4.095 summit isn’t no walk in the park. Actually it does feel like a walk in the park, with 600 species of ferns, lush greens, beautiful butterflies, and mosses that carpet the ground.

    The “walk” does however include steep stairs, rugged trails, more stairs with bare granite walls that require a grip on ropes, all of it can be strenuous on the muscles. Being mentally ready with all the determination you can muster will get you far, physical endurance through hill climbing exercise will get further. Put the two together and throw in some energy bars, and you’ve got a successful walk in a “park” that also happens to be one of the tallest peaks in South East Asia.

    2. Protein-rich meals

    The fuel you put into your body is going to either help you or break you. Lay-off the carbs ( Rice, laksa or nasi lemak) unless you wanna feel bloated and lethargic during your climb.

    Munching on Protein-Rich foods like eggs, nuts, fruits and energy bars will help boost your energy along the way.

    3. Forget about fashion. Choose the right shoes

    It will be slippery and there will be rugged terrain. Get a good grip on your journey and get on the trails without anything stopping you, not even blisters or a twisted ankle, ouch. A good pair of shoes will give you enough arch support on those long hours.

    4. Pack only the essentials. Leave your fancy gadgets at home.

    You don’t want to be lugging around heaps of cables and chargers like a portable electrician, unless you’re on a videography mission, if so, cool! But yes, bring only the necessary items with you, cut off all the extra weight and your shoulders will thank you for it!

    Necessary Items Include:

    • Sunblock
    • Gloves
    • A small day pack
    • Poncho
    • Head Torch
    • Warm Clothing

    ** However if you insist on bringing an espresso machine and your portable sauna, then you can hire a porter.

    Engaging A Porter For Your Climb: (pop-up window)

    To engage a porter is fully optional. However should you really require a porter to carry your belongings for you, we suggest that you pack a separate waterproof backpack (for easy carrying by the porter) ready with items that you do not need during the climb to Panalaban. Porters may not trek at the same speed as you. Their job is simply to carry your belongings to the mountain hut. Valuables, water, medication, snacks, and things that you will need during your hike should always be kept with you. You may engage the porter at Kinabalu Park itself during your climb registration and the porter fees will be payable directly to the porter.

    Porter Fees:

    The price stated in the table below is based on round trip. The minimum weight required is 10kg. Should your bag weighs less than 10kg, the charges will still be calculated based on 10kg multiply by the amount stated depending on your route. For example, you will pay MYR 100 for Timpohon to Panalaban to Timpohon route for your bag that weighs anything up to 10kg, and MYR 110 for 11kg and so on. Prices are subject to changes.

    Route & Price Payable to Porter

    Timpohon Gate → Panalaban → Timpohon Gate           MYR 10 per kg (Min. of 10kg)
    Timpohon Gate → Panalaban → Mesilau Gate              MYR 12 per kg (Min. of 10kg)
    Mesilau Gate → Panalaban → Timpohon Gate              MYR 12 per kg (Min. of 10kg)
    Timpohon Gate → Summit → Timpohon Gate                 MYR 15 per kg (Min. of 10kg)
    Timpohon Gate → Summit → Mesilau Gate                     MYR 17 per kg (Min. of 10kg)
    Mesilau Gate → Summit → Timpohon Gate                     MYR 17 per kg (Min. of 10kg)

    5. Stay hydrated!

    Keep that body hydrated, it is certainly most crucial during your climb. Thankfully, there are water tanks at each of the shelters on the path towards Panalaban. You can stock-up on water supply at each of these shelters on the Mount Kinabalu trail. Do remember to bring along some water treatment tablets to purify these untreated water.

    6. Win the battle with ‘Altitude Sickness’

    Altitude sickness can bring even the most seasoned climber undone. Just take it easy from the beginning and try not to rush into things as you will need those energy reserves later on the hike. Keep it at a steady pace and you will be fine. Few things you can do to avoid Altitude Sickness:

    • Altitude Sickness Pills
    • Acclimatize by staying at Kinabalu Park one night before your climb.
    • Stay hydrated
    • Stay positive

    ** Remember: Acclimatisation is inhibited by overexertion, dehydration, and alcohol.

  • Medication such as headache tablets or altitude sickness tablets, Tissue paper / Toilet roll, Sun block lotion, lip gloss, plasters, Insect repellent / Mosquito Oil, Camera with water proof bag, Sandals / Slippers

    Additional Info

    Confirmation will be received within 48 hours of booking, which is subject to availability.
    Please advise any specific dietary requirements at time of booking.
    A minimum of 2 people per booking is required.

    About Climb Transport Arrangement

    1. Our guide will meet you at the Airport arrival hall or your Hotel lobby with a placard bearing your good name. Should you encounter difficulties in locating our guide, you could call our local ground handler who will assist you.
    2. We do not advise you to catch your flight on the same day that you descend the mountain due to possible delay from injuries, tiredness and/or bad weather and traffic conditions.
    3. All transfers are based on ‘Seat-In-Coach’. This means you will be sharing the same vehicle with other guests. Please Note that this is a door to door service with multiple Pick-ups & Drop offs.
    4. At your descent to Kinabalu Park HQ, please note that all climbers are subject to a ‘Pre-determined’ pick-up time. Last transport returning to Kota Kinabalu City leaves latest by 6:00PM. As you reach the ending point of your climb, we ensure your possible wait of not more than 2 hours. However, if you missed the last or wish to depart at your own preferred timing, a private transfer can be arranged (Subject to availability).
    5. 5 Our group rates are quoted without deviation, which means we provide only one return transfers for your group. If your group requires more than one return transfers, additional transfer charges may apply.** Please understand that the surcharge for any private transfer will have to be borne by you.
      ** Private Transfer Surcharge:- MYR 250/vehicle/way


    PLEASE REMEMBER to bring your PASSPORT along with you at all times as it will be required for verification during registration at the Kinabalu Park Office.

    Friendly Note From Sabah Parks

    It is recommended that all climbers should have themselves medically checked before attempting any mountain climb. If you have a history of suffering from the following ailments, it is highly recommend that you should refrain from climbing: Hypertension, Diabetes, Palpitation, Arthritis, Heart disease, severe anemia, Peptic ulcers, Epileptic fits, Obesity (overweight), Chronic asthma, Muscular cramps, Hepatitis (jaundice); or any other disease which may hamper the climber.