The Peak Lodge consists of chalets with options of bunk-beds or king-sized beds. Facilities such as a common bathrooms with heated showers, pantry and a spacious central lounge area with a fireplace to enjoy the mountain air.

City / Region Kinabalu Park
Hotel Code PL
Address Kinabalu Park HQ (1,585 metres) Mount Kinabalu area, Sabah, Malaysia.
Location A two (2) hour journey from Kota Kinabalu, the visitors to Kinabalu Park can experience cool climates and rich varieties of fauna and flora in Malaysia’ first World Heritage Site.


  • Total Four (04) Units of The Peak Lodge

    Each Peak Lodge is a 2 bedroom unit that comes with Bedroom 1 – one king bed, Bedroom 2 – two single beds (Double Deck)

    Private Diving & Living Area

    Fireplace, bathroom, pantry, heated shower


    • Mountain Garden (9.00am, 12.00pm & 3.00pm) – subject to fee
    • Slide show presentation (2.00pm Daily & 7.30pm on Weekend & Public Holidays) – subject to fee
    • Guided walk (11.00am Daily) – subject to fee
    • Firewood is provided for lodges with fireplace (first stack is provided without charge)
    • Item for rental: DVD / VCD Player
    • Exhibition centre
    • Souvenir shop
    • Multi purpose hall
    • Nature Trails
    • Visitor’s Certificate to World Heritage Site – subject to fee

    The Peak Lodge (4 Persons Per Lodge) MYR 1280 MYR 1280

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