Rock Hostel offers a budget-friendly alternative, with a dormitory-style set-up in Kinabalu Park. This 20 bed hostel features facilities such as a common lounge area with a fireplace to keep the cold nights warm.

Hot showers are provided in the Communal Bathrooms, and the pantry provides space to eat or prepare warm drinks.

The Rock Hostel features basic, clean bunk beds and rooms with either 4, 6 or 8 beds.

City / Region Kinabalu Park
Hotel Code RH
Address Kinabalu Park HQ (1,585 metres) Mount Kinabalu area, Sabah, Malaysia.
Location A two (2) hour journey from Kota Kinabalu, the visitors to Kinabalu Park can experience cool climates and rich varieties of fauna and flora in Malaysia’ first World Heritage Site.


  • Rock Twin Share

    Four (04) units, fireplace, common lounge, common bathroom, heated shower, pantry.

    Rock Hostel (Dormitory)

    20 dormitory bunk beds, fireplace, common lounge, common bathroom, heated shower, pantry.


    • Mountain Garden (9.00am, 12.00pm & 3.00pm) – subject to fee
    • Slide Show Presentation (2.00pm Daily & 7.30pm on Weekend & Public Holidays) – subject to fee
    • Guided Walk (11.00am Daily) – subject to fee
    • Firewood is provided for lodges with fireplace (first stack is provided without charge)
    • Item for Rental: DVD / VCD Player
    • Exhibition Centre
    • Souvenir Shop
    • Multi Purpose Hall
    • Nature Trails & Visitor’s Certificate to World Heritage Site – subject to fee

    Rock Hostel (Dorminotory Bed) MYR 330 MYR 330
    Rock Twin Share Room (2 Persons Per Room) MYR 455 MYR 455

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