1. How long does it take to climb Mount Kinabalu?

It takes a minimum 2 Days 1 Night to complete the climb, where it breaks down into two parts. The first day takes off in the morning via Timpohon gate ( 5 – 7 hours) or Mesilau Gate ( 6 to 9 hours) up to Panalaban (3272m). The first day boils down to an overnight stay in Panalaban, where you will wake at 2am on day 2 to continue on to the summit and hopefully, catch the sunrise around 5.30am at Low’s Peak Summit.

2. Can I do a day hike up to Mount Kinabalu Summit?

No. It is compulsory for any climber to do the usual 2Day 1Night climb itinerary.

3. How many days should I spend on my Mount Kinabalu trip?

We would recommend you to acclimatize with the higher than usual elevation with the 3 Day 2 Night package. This will allow High Altitude Acclimatisation and reduce risk of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS)

4. What time am I expected to reach Kota Kinabalu on the day of descend from Mount Kinabalu?

It depends on you and the physical fitness level of your group. A fit climber can reach Timpohon Gate from Panalaban between 11am – 2pm. Most climbers arrive the ending point between 1- 3pm. However, we have also served climbers who arrived Timpohon Gate at 10pm.

The time it takes to reach Timpohon Gate to Kinabalu Park HQ for certificate collection and onward to Kota Kinabalu City is approximately 3 hours.

5. Can I catch my flight on the same day I descend from Mount Kinabalu?

We do not recommend you to schedule your flight on the same day as your descend, rushing to the airport can be very risky due to several unforeseen circumstances; injuries, slow descend, landslides, traffic and probable vehicle breakdowns.

We are not responsible for any losses or missed flights.

6. Should I purchase a personal travel insurance plan?

Yes, we encourage you to purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy for the duration of your trip from your country which covers: Cancellation, Act of God, Emergency Medical Evacuation, Infectious diseases, Epidemics, Terrorism, etc.

Although our climb packages includes a personal accidents plan by Sabah Parks for all climbers, the coverage and claim value is limited and subject to approval by Sabah Parks Authority.