1. I did not receive any reply from after sending email/online enquiry. Why is it so?

Our response duration is usually within 24 hours on working days. Please do check your Spam and Junk inbox for our emails that has been redirected there. If not, please call or provide us an alternate email address.

Most of the time, our emails seem to be filtered and put in Spam/Junk inbox by your internet security provider and especially so for Yahoo account holders.

2. How much does it cost to climb Mount Kinabalu?

The cost depends on the packages we offer. Please refer to the climbing packages under ‘Packages’ section listed on our website.

3. What is the deposit amount required to book a Mount Kinabalu climb and the payment terms like?

We do collect a 50% deposit to secure climb slots and the balance must be paid one month prior to departure.

For short term reservations made within one month prior, 100% full payment is required to secure slots and admission to the tour.

As all reservations for our packages can only be held for 2-5 days (unless otherwise stated) from the date of issue of invoice, if you are unable to comply with payment terms, it may result in an automatic cancellation of your reservation and the release of your climb slots.

All bookings are subject to availability at the time of booking.

4. When should I start to book a climb slot/accommodation in LPanalaban?

You should consider making your booking as soon as you have made the decision to climb. We encourage to book your slot 3-6 months in advance but we do welcome last minute bookings, subject to availability.

5. What is the meaning of climb slot?

Climb slots are actually number of beds in Panalaban that is tied with a climb permit. So total beds are equivalent to the number of climb permits issued.

If we were to secure your booking slot, it also comes with a climbing permit and a bed.

However, please be wary of booking Mt Kinabalu accommodation from unknown sources as there have been several reported cases where climbers have booked and paid for their accommodation but could not get climb permits.

6. How many types of climb packages are there?

There are two types of climb packages.

1)   The via ferrata climb package that comes with via ferrata climb permit

2)   The non-ferrata climb package that comes with non-ferrata climb permit

Both types of climb permits will allow you to first reach the summit of Mount Kinabalu (Low’s Peak) regardless if you will or will not be participating in any via ferrata activity.

7. What happen if my ideal climb package is fully booked on my preferred date?

There are of course a few other options :

1)   Provide us with alternate dates should your ideal type of climb package (via ferrata or non-ferrata) be fully booked on your preferred date.

2)   If you do not have any other alternate dates and must climb on your preferred date only, we suggest you to switch your type of climb package (non-ferrata > via ferrata or via ferrata > non-ferrata).

Although there may still be a slight chance of your preferred climb permit made available at a later date from the day you first contacted us due to possible cancellation. Amazing Borneo encourages all guests to book immediately should either one type of climb package is available rather than to wait for your preferred climb package. This is to at least ensure you to have guaranteed climb permit to scale Mount Kinabalu.

8. How do I know if my climb slot and permit are confirmed & secured?

A deposit is necessary before the stated due date by our sales coordintator once reservation has been made. We require payment to be received within 2-5 working days to have your climb slot & permit secured.

Full payment is required on special promotional rate or if your climb date is less than 30 days at time of booking. Once payment is received, we will issue a payment receipt and tour itinerary before your tour starts.

9. What personal particulars are required for climb permit application?

We would need your passport name in full, passport number for Non-Malaysian, IC number (MYKAD) for Malaysian, nationality, date of birth and contact number (if available). All your particulars have to be completely filled up online in your Manage My Booking login account. You should submit the completed form to us ASAP or no later than 30 days before your climb date (except for last min booking). Failure to do so, the Via Ferrata climb operator will impose a RM100 penalty fee per climber for any late submission, which we have no control over this.

10. Can I change climber’s particular?

Yes, with an administrative fee of RM50.00 per climber for any name change on revision of non-ferrata climb permit & RM100.00 per climber for via ferrata climb permit.

11. Do I really need a climb permit to climb Mount Kinabalu?

Yes, a climbing permit issued from Sabah Park Authority is compulsory. One needs to wear the climb permit (visible) ID tag at all times throughout the climb as you will be checked periodically at certain check points. The total number of climb permits equals the total number of beds available in Panalaban.

12. What is the maximum number of climbers allowed per day and why?

There are only a total of 135 climbing permits given out daily. This is for safety issues related matter, so they could help to oversee on climbers’ safety upon ascending to Low’s Peak summit in total darkness. It is also to ensure the summit climb is not overcrowded by climbers.

13. Why are there 2 types of pricing (Malaysian & International) for Mount Kinabalu climb?

Similar to other countries, locals will always have citizenship privileges. Internationals will pay normal rates, whereas Malaysians are heavily subsided by the Government.

14. Who qualify for Malaysian price?

Those who are holding Malaysian passport or the Malaysian Identity card (MyKad) only. Foreigners who are residing permanently in Malaysia do not qualify.

15. Do I really need a mountain guide even though I’m an experience climber?

Yes. Sabah Park safety regulations require all climbers/hikers to be accompanied by a licensed mountain guide from the local Mountain Guide Association. The ratio is at least 1 mountain guide to a maximum of 5 climbers (above 16 years old) ) and 1 mountain guide to a maximum of 2 climbers (below 16 years old).

16. Do we have our own mountain guide?

We do not mix different groups together with sharing mountain guides. All groups and individuals bookings will have their own assigned number of mountain guides according to Sabah Park regulations.

In such, you and your own group are not required to ‘catch up with the guide’ and may trek at your own pace.

However, if there happens to be a shortage of mountain guides by Sabah Park and climbers of different groups are forced to mix, we will proceed with a reasonable refund to our climbers accordingly.

17. What is Your Group Size?

The group size refers to your final booking order to us, based on number of persons in your group, not the company’s group size that may also consist of other travelers. Should your group size reduce in number, costs will change accordingly.