1. What is the cost of hiring a porter?

Porter Fee (OPTIONAL)

Destination Weight (kg) Rate
Timpohon – Panalaban 10 MYR 65.00/way
Panalaban – Tinmpohon 10 MYR 65.00/way
Timpohon – Sayat Sayat 10 MYR 75.00/way
Sayat Sayat – Timpohon 10 MYR 75.00/way
Timpohon – Summit 10 MYR 80.00/way
Summit – Timpohon 10 MYR 80.00/way


** Minimum weight is 10 Kgs. Less than 10 Kgs will be charged at 10 Kgs of price.
**Rates stated are for reference purposes only. Please confirm with porters on their day of services.
** All rates are inclusive of GST.
** All payments are made directly to the porters in cash.


2. Will the porters trek along with me?

No. Unlike mountain guides, porters will carry your belonging non-stop to Panalaban and wait for your arrival there. Please do not leave any valuable items in the backpack that your porter will carry.

Pack 2 separate bags, one that the porter will carry straight to Panalaban, and the other containing your necessities ( water, lunch pack, energy bars ) that will be carried by you.

3. How much water should I bring?

Besides the 500ML drinking water will be provided in your packed lunch, a refillable water bottle is useful as you can refill unlimited supply of drinking water at Laban Rata Resthouse/Pendant hut. Most climbers would need about 1.5L-2L from Timpohon to Panalaban.

4. Can I refill water at the shelter/pondok along the trails?

The water provided along the trails is natural spring water. However, it is untreated and may not be suitable for your stomach. We do suggest you bring your own water purification tablets.

5. What can I expect in the packed lunch?

The packed lunch may differ periodically but usually, it includes – sandwich, fried chicken (via ferrata package only), local snack, hard-boiled egg, fruit and a bottle of 500ml mineral water.

6. Can I have vegetarian menu?

We do have options for vegetarians, mostly based on ovo-lacto vegetarians. We leave out the meat rather than adding vegetarian mainstays such as tofu, beans or nuts.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that special requirements can always be met for other types of vegetarians. In tour packages where meals are served buffet/set menu style, we suggest that you leave out the meat or other things you do not eat.