Climb Mt. Kinabalu

Take on Sabah’s most prominent feature, the majestic Mt.Kinabalu. It’s both the journey and the destination that’s worth-while on this 4.075m adventure.


The most common package, the two day one night hike grants you the chance to get on a trail set amidst an apprized eco-system, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The first day boils down to one night stay in the cool mountain breeze 11,000 feet above sea level and waking at 2am the next day to make your mark on the summit and most possibly swooned by a stunning sunrise.

However, some people are also keen on a three day two night package which includes an overnight stay in the foothills of Mt.Kinabalu, to relax, get on short trails and to acclimatize.

Feel like you could complete the hike in a days time? The “Hardcore 1 day summit climb” activity is yours to anticipate.

Via Ferrata

If the climb itself wasn’t thrilling enough for you, descend Via Ferrata and get to know the mountain’s hidden plateaus through the various routes on the northern rock faces consisting of a ‘trail’ that is made up of iron rungs, palettes, cables and rails. Experience Mountain Torq’s World’s Highest Via Ferrata at 3,200m to 3,800m above sea level on your descent, an activity no dare-devil would want to miss out on.

Short Nature Trails


If you wish to get on a short nature trail, something not to challenging or to simply get attuned to the Borneo rainforest and its blossoming beauties, a few nature trails are scattered around Kinabalu National Park for your leisure.

This ‘One-Day non summit’ hike, also known as the ‘Fast Track activity’ takes you on scenic loop trail which starts off at Mesilau Gate and ends at Timpohon Gate. Get introduced with rare endemic flowers, butterflies and alpine vegetation. You will breeze through conifers, climbing bamboos, Agathis Trees. Once you make it near 2,000m, the scene then morphs into tangled tree roots and the forest floor covered in spongy mosses, it’s really pretty cool, but expect no hobbits.

Poring Hot Springs

The Poring Hot Springs is an interesting wonder on its own. At approximately 47 kilometers from Kinabalu Park, Poring Hot Spring got its name from the tall bamboo plant that is abundant in that area. This natural Hot Springs is believed to have curative powers from its sulfur-rich waters, but we reckon sore feet, tired legs and a natural Hot Springs just go all too well together!

Kinabalu National Park


Malaysia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park is host to the hundred million years old Rainforest stretching across Borneo. It is blessed with a jaw-dropping amount of natural beauty, by jaw-dropping we mean more than 4,500 species of flora and fauna, including 326 bird and around 100 mammal species. making it one of the most important biological sites in the world!
One can be easily acquainted with the plethora of flamboyant plant-life at the Kinabalu Park Botanical Gardens. Or perhaps get on the Rainforest Canopy Walk that suspended 43meters above the lush forest to get a better view of the ancient eco-system.