About Via Ferrata

UK-Student-group-02Basically, Via Ferrata is Italian for “Road of Iron”, a rock climbing route consisting of a series of rungs, rails and fixed cables to aid climbers explore mountain rock faces in a very controlled and safe way.

Such an extreme sport is booming in the world of adventure travel. There are about more than 300 via ferrata routes scattered across the globe, but the first Via Ferrata was built in the Dolomite mountain region of Italy during the World War I to aid the movement of the Italian alpine military unit.

But guess what, the World’s Highest Via Ferrata is right here on Mount. Kinabalu, on the colorful island of Borneo! It’s a whole new way of descending Mt.Kinabalu after reaching Low’s Peak, also experience a new angle of Mount Kinabalu.. hidden plateaus, the north rock-face and rolling hills pushing through a blanket of clouds.

Worry not though, anyone and everyone can strap up and test the thrills with no prior experience required. Rest assured that there will always be an experienced via Ferrata trainer leading the way and guiding your through the rungs, rails and cables. And to further ensure your safety, you will be using a harness and safety equipment of only the highest certified standards, so all you need to do is enjoy the view!


Low’s Peak Circuit


The world’s highest via Ferrata certified by Guinness World Records (Grade French AD, Italian 3C)

Low’s Peak Circuit takes you 3,776m above sea level (a.s.l), where you will feast your eyes on hidden plateaus and rock faces that are not accessible on a normal descend. Be held breathless by bold landscapes and sweeping scenery but don’t forget to breathe because it will be a fun 4 – 6 hour route, which includes walking across one of the world’s highest suspension bridge at approximately 3,600m asl!

This route is designed for those keen on bringing adventure to a whole new “adrenaline-pumping” level. Not for the weak of heart but perfect for the adventurous.

Key Facts

Highest point at 3,776m asl, route length 1.2km, vertical high traverse 365m


Possibly one of the world’s highest suspsension bridge at 3,600m asl, one of the world’s highest Nepalese bridge at 3,580m asl, connects to Walk the Torq route so that you wont miss anything!

Designed for

Those who want to do it all, 17 years old and above, adventure seekers looking for the challenge of attempting the summit of mt. Kinabalu and experiencing the world’s highest via Ferrata all within 12 hours.

Walk The Torq


Want to explore a different side of Mount Kinabalu, but at a beginners, initiation level? Walk the Torq grants you dramatic mountain vistas as you move from cable, rungs and rails with a guide all the way through… it is sure to provide you with the dose of adrenaline you need. Don’t leave your camera behind, because there will be scenic spots aplenty while you’re securely fastened to the mountain face.

Do it like the pros, scale the Mount Kinabalu terrain vertically and horizontally and witness views that you don’t get on a normal descend. Not just that, get on the Monkey Bridge for some fun and pull off a balancing act on the balancing beam, the via Ferrata is all about embracing that “once in a lifetime” moment.

Key Facts

Highest Point 3,520m asl, length route 430m, vertical height traverse 109m.


Monkey Bridge, Zip on the Tyrolean traverse, acrobat on balancing beam.

Designed for

All ages, game for anything, love a thrill, minimum age 10 years old, at least 1.3m tall.